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Honeywell/Intermec - MUMM

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Honeywell/Intermec - MUMM


AIM 2014 RFID Case Study Competition Participant

The Business and Technical Challenge
Due to their need to ensure the highest quality throughout the production process,traceability is a key issue for MUMM. Pernod Ricard had introduced a solution to trace Martel Cognac in 2003 working with Intermec Platinum Partner ACTEOS. So, in 2008, MUMM started to work with ACTEOS to address their own batch traceability



The production of champagne involves numerous stages, and the company wanted to ensure complete traceability of crates throughout this development process. The bottles of champagne are stored in batches of up to 500 in wire crates within the 25 kilometres of galleries that comprise the MUMM cellars in the heart of Reims. These cellars today house nearly 25 million bottles of champagne. These bottles need to be stored for about three years while the bubble formation and aging process takes place, before entering the riddling and disgorgement stages, where sediment is isolated and removed.


To ensure the traceability of these crates MUMM needs to manage every production stage carefully, as well as the

stocks associated with each of these stages. The challenge is that there could be a change in batch number during an intermediate stage. The aging stage can be longer or shorter depending on the bottles, for example, and it was necessary to implement a solution that allows the operators to know exactly what each crate is composed of.

The Solution

MUMM turned to Intermec and ACTEOS to provide a turnkey RFID solution. Together Intermec and ACTEOS offered MUMM an unrivalled suite of RFID products and services. The solution implemented consists of Intermec IP30 handheld readers, along with IF2 fixed readers, rewritable RFID Tags and the Logidrive solution from CTEOS. This scalable and versatile solution has now made it possible for MUMM to manage MUMM


the traceability of wire crates between the two final stages of champagne production – Disgorging and Labelling.

The humid conditions of the MUMM cellars, and the metal of the wine crates themselves, presented a challenge that some RFID solutions can be ill-suited to deal with. It was essential to implement a solution that would allow radio frequency waves to travel through the metal of the crates and also to withstand the very specific climatic conditions of the cellars. Intermec and ACTEOS delivered the idealsolution by implementing ruggedized tags with encapsulation to make them moisture resistant and deliver the benefits of RFID traceability without
the fear of tag deterioration.

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